Progress Since MDEStat Started: Agency Management and Environmental Stewardship Highlights (FY10-FY14)

  • Oversee implementation and growth of MDE's new Animal Feeding Operations activities: MDE created an AFO unit in 2009 to address permitting and compliance at animal feeding operations. This was a newly-regulated universe for the Department. MDEStat closely monitored the activities related to starting this program. The initial focus was on the permit-related activities, because a large initial group of registrations was backlogged awaiting processing. MDEStat directed development of both a schedule for eliminating the registration backlog, and a targeted annual inspection plan. At the end of 2013 the program had received applications from approximately 581 farms, registered around 427, and performed more than 1000 inspections.

  • Use available information to make improvements where possible: MDEStat noted that information from employee exit interviews was not consistently shared with management. MDEStat implemented a process to ensure exit interview information is shared with appropriate managers.

  • Improve internal communication and information-sharing: The MDEStat office proposed, and has taken the lead on, scheduling regular brown bag lunch speakers to discuss or present various activities the Department performs. This has been, and continues to be, a successful project. Speakers are scheduled on a variety of topics.


  • Improve timeliness of personnel evaluations: There were more than 300 overdue personnel evaluations in November 2008. MDEStat started tracking the number of overdue evaluations for each administration. MDE was able to reduce the number of overdue evaluations from over 300 to 134 by July 2010 with no evaluations from prior fiscal years due. This was further reduced to 0 by November 2010. The State implemented a new system in FY 2011, and through continued tracking MDE has been able to keep overdue evaluations to a minimum.


MDE Employee Performance Evaluations FY11-FY14