Land Reclamation Committee

History, Charge and Term

The Land Reclamation Committee started in 1967 (Chapter 144, Acts of 1967). The Committee studies, recommends, and approves procedures to reclaim, conserve, and replant land affected by open-pit coal mining in Maryland. The Committee reviews mining and reclamation plans, progress reports, and final reports. It establishes plans and procedures, as well as practical​ guidelines, for prompt and sufficient reclamation, conservation, and revegetation of all lands disturbed by open-pit mining of bituminous coal within the State.


Current Membership

The Committee consists of thirteen members. The Governor appoints four members to three-year terms: two mining industry representatives, appointed with Senate advice and consent; one Allegany County Planning and Zoning Commission member, recommended by the Allegany County Board of County Commissioners and appointed with Senate advice and consent; and one Garrett County Planning Commission member, recommended by the Garrett County Board of County Commissioners and appointed with House of Delegates advice and consent. The Secretary of Natural Resources appoints three members to serve three-year terms. The Secretary of the Environment appoints four members and names the chair. The Soil Conservation Districts of Allegany County and Garrett County each are represented on the Committee (Code Environment Article, secs. 15-204, 15-205).


The current members are:

  • Mining Industry Representative
  • John Carey, Maryland Bureau of Mines
  • Jeffrey Barclay, Allegany County Economic Development
  • William J. Pegg, Allegany County Citizen Representative
  • Bill Murphy, Garrett County Citizen Representative
  • Adam Heavner, Allegany County SCD
  • Michael Lynch​, Garrett County Economic Development
  • Kenny Wampler, DNR Fishery Service
  • Mike Garner, Chairman, Maryland Department of the Environment
  • Rande Brown, DNR Wildlife Service
  • Roger Kitzmiller, Garrett County SCD
  • Tim Schwinabart, Mining Industry Representative
  • George Eberling, DNR Forest Service


MDE Contact

Mike Garner, MDE, 160 South Water Street, Frostburg MD 21532, 301-689-1460.​