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Notice of Application for State Wetland Licenses, Private Wetland Permits, Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Permits and/or Water Quality Certification and the Opportunity to Provide Written Comment or Request an Informational Hearing


May​ 15, 2022


The Water and Science Administration has received the applications listed below. A preliminary review has indicated that the listed projects may be subject to the opportunity for a public hearing once the application is substantially complete. Projects may be significantly altered during the review process. The applications and related information are available for inspection and copying. You may also request written notice of any hearing opportunity by having your name placed on the interested persons list for each project in which you are interested. To inspect the file or to have your name placed on the interested persons list, contact the assigned division at the telephone number indicated below or send an email to the assigned reviewer no later than June 15, 2022, unless otherwise noted in the Public Notice.


Wetlands and Waterways Program - (410) 537-3837


Nontidal Wetlands Division - (410) 537-3456


Wicomico County


202260113/22-NT-2016: DAVEY MITIGATION-UMBRELLA MITIGATION BANKING INSTRUMENT-WALNUT TREE MITIGATION BANK, 5300 Wellington Branch Drive, Suite 100, Gainsville, Virginia 20155, has applied to establish a multi-user statewide Umbrella Mitigation Bank. The Umbrella Mitigation Bank would include multiple sites with restoration, creation, enhancement, and preservation of aquatic resources and uplands to generate compensatory mitigation credits for future impacts to waterways and tidal and nontidal wetlands. The first mitigation site proposed as part of this Umbrella Mitigation Bank is Walnut Tree Mitigation Bank. This nontidal wetland mitigation bank will provide compensatory mitigation for future authorized nontidal wetland mitigation requirements in the USGS 8-digit hydrologic unit code (HUC) of Tangier (HUC 02080110), Nanticoke (HUC 02080109), and the Pocomoke-Western Lower Delmarva (HUC 02080111). This proposed project includes grading and planting that would result in approximately 17.25 acres of forested nontidal wetland restoration, 0.20 acres of forested nontidal wetland enhancement (rehabilitation), 2.89 acres nontidal wetland buffer enhancement and 0.06 acres nontidal wetland buffer preservation. The project will temporarily impact approximately 14,549 square feet of emergent nontidal wetland, 3,311 square feet forested nontidal wetland, and 140,350 square feet of 25-foot nontidal wetland buffer. The project is proposed along an unnamed tributary to the Cutmaptico Creek (Use I). The project is located at 26393 Walnut Tree Road, Eden, Wicomico County, MD, 21822. Written comments, requests for a public informational hearing and requests to be included on the interested persons list must be sent by June 15, 2022, to the Maryland Department of the Environment, Attn: Kelly Neff, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230 or or 410-537-4018. MDE and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) are doing a Joint Public Notice for this project. Comments can also be directed to Mr. Jack Dinne, USACE, at Any further notices concerning actions or updates on the application will be placed on MDE’s website at Please refer to Subsection 5-907 of the Annotated Code of Maryland or the Code of Maryland Regulations 26.23.02 for information regarding the application process.


Tidal Wetlands Division - (410) 537-3571



Anne Arundel County


202260648/22-WL-0379: AVIEL AND ANN RUBIN, at 1932 Carrollton Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21409 has applied to mechanically dredge a new 150-foot long by 18-foot wide area to a depth of 6 feet at mean low water; to deposit approximately 100 cubic yards of dredged material on an approved upland disposal site located at R.B.Baker & Sons at 501 4H Park Road, Queenstown, MD 21658; and to provide for periodic maintenance dredging for six years. The purpose of this project is to improve navigable access. The proposed project is located within the tidal waters of the Severn River at 1932 Carrollton Road, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, MD 21409. For more information, please contact Heather Hepburn at or at 410-537-3789.


202260853/22-WL-0510: MAGOTHY RIVER ASSOCIATION, at P.O. Box 550, Severna Park, Maryland 21146 has applied to emplace approximately 1,000 oyster reef balls measuring 2.5 feet wide by 1.5 feet tall in an 800-foot long by 400-foot wide area over a period of 10 years to expand an existing oyster reef. The reef balls will be placed approximately 10 feet below mean low. The purpose of this project is to create and improve habitat. The proposed project is located within the tidal waters of the Magothy River and is located within an existing oyster reef that is approximately 1,400 feet to the southwest of Dobbins Island. For more information, please contact Heather Hepburn at or at 410-537-3789.

Baltimore County


20216190/21-WL-1331: GREG ENSOR, 1322 Burke Rd, Baltimore, Maryland has applied to dredge a new 5,168-square foot area to a depth of 4.5 feet at mean low water to connect to the main channel; and to transport and dispose of approximately 184 cubic yards of material at Harford Minerals located at 40 Fort Hoyle Rd, Joppa MD. Mitigation for 5,168 square feet of impacts to Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) will be assessed through payment into the State Tidal Wetlands Compensation Fund. The proposed project is located at 1322 Burke Rd, Baltimore MD, in the tidal waters of Galloway Creek. The purpose of the project is to improve navigable access. For more information contact Matt Wallach at or at 410-537-3527.


Charles County


202162061/21-WL-1436: POPES CREEK GRAVES, LLC, P.O. Box 295, Port Tobacco, Maryland 20677, has applied to 1) Remove two 109-foot long dilapidated finger piers and associated pilings; 2) Replace in-kind a 260-foot long by 9-foot wide timber pier; 3) Construct two 100-foot long by 6-foot wide timber walkways; 4) Construct five 40-foot long by 4-foot wide finger piers; 5) Construct eight 30-foot long by 4-foot wide finger piers; 6) Construct four 30-foot long by 3-foot wide finger piers; Construct a 53-foot long by 4-foot wide finger pier; 7) Construct eighteen boat lifts 8) Emplace two 3 pile dolphin piles, all extending a maximum of 260 feet channelward of the mean high waterline. The purpose of the project is improve navigable access. The project is located on the Potomac River at 11455 & 11495 Popes Creek Road, Charles County, MD. For more information, please contact Justin Bereznak at or 410-537-3782..



Water Quality Certification - (410) 537-3837


Somerset County


202260871/22-WQC-0015: Maryland Seafood Cooperative, 900 Hickory Circle, La Plata, Maryland has requested a water quality certification, 22-WQC-0015 to place stone on a one-acre portion of an existing commercial shellfish aquaculture submerged land lease agreement with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR Lease SO 808). The project will involve placement of small, clean, river stone (1 to 1.5 inches in size and not greater than 2 inches in size) in lieu of oyster shell due to its lack of availability on a one-acre portion of Maryland Seafood Cooperative’s submerged land lease SO 808 for the purpose of creating bottom conditions suitable for natural oyster recruitment. The stone will be planted at a depth of no more than three inches as allowed by the conditions of the MDNR-issued lease agreement and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit 48. Stone will be transported to the planting location via barge and placed overboard using a crane with clamshell bucket attachment, and placement will be completed in such a way as to minimize bottom disturbance and temporary turbidity impacts. The proposed project is located offshore in the Manokin River, approximately 0.5 miles north of Drum Point, within the following coordinates: 38.10768, -75.86319; 38.10732, -75.86288; 38.10738, -75.86397; and 38.10695, -75.86363. Written comments and requests for a public informational hearing concerning water quality issues related to this proposed work must be received by June 1, 2022. Please provide comments to: Maryland Department of the Environment, Attn: Danielle Spendiff, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230 or or 410-537-4023.


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