Consumer Confidence Reports

Consumer Confidence Reports

Calvert County, Maryland

Public water systems regularly test the water they produce to ensure that it meets federal and State drinking water standards. Every year by July 1, each community system must provide a Consumer Confidence Report (also called an "annual water quality report") to inform its customers about the quality of their water and other important information about their water system. Many systems mail these reports out to customers, while others publish the information in newspapers or post it online. 

Below are links to the Consumer Confidence Reports for community water systems in Calvert County. If your system is not listed, please contact your water supplier for the report.


For more information about some contaminants that systems test for, read about federal drinking water standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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If you have additional questions, please contact the Water Supply Program at or 410-537-3729, or call EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act Hotline at 1(800)426-4791.​