23. Federalsburg Phase I


The Federalsburg Phase I site is a 6 acre (1 acre forested, 2 acres scrub-shrub, 3 acres emergent) combination of tidal and nontidal wetlands.  It is located in the Nanticoke River Area - Marshyhope Creek (02-13-03-06) watershed of Caroline County.     

Seaside Alder


Between the summer and fall of 1998, the Maryland Department of the Environment, Town of Federalsburg, Department of Natural Resources, and the National Guard cooperated to convert a former floodplain/surface mine into a tidally influenced wetland.       

Pre-construction conditions - 1996


In 2007, MDE conducted intensive site monitoring which included installing IRIS tubes, evaluating the soil, monitoring hydrology multiple times during the spring growing season, monitoring transects, and scoring the site.  The installed IRIS tubes demonstrated that there was sufficient soil reduction to satisfy the wetland hydrology requirement.  Hydrologic observations showed saturated soils during the three spring site visits, confirming wetland hydrology was present.   The soils were not yet hydric.  However, with the strong wetland hydrology, they should become hydric shortly.  Using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method , MDE gave this site a score of 100/100, one of the highest scores yet given to a mitigation site.  This high score was partially attributed to the presence of two state rare or watch list tree species (Pumpkin Ash and Seaside Alder).

Wye Island Mitigation 2007
Installing IRIS tubes in 2007

While there is more open water than planned, this site has established into a very successful diverse wetland system.  This site provides excellent wetland function, including high water quality improvement, wildlife habitat, and aesthetics.    

Iris flowers

Beaver damage

Federalsburg I wetland mitigation - 2007

This site also provides excellent educational opportunities, as there is a boardwalk/trail system crossing the site and signage.  As a side note, there is a healthy population of the native Prickly pear cactus in the upland area adjacent to the wetland, which can be seen from the access trail.

This site is located next to the Federalsburg Phase II Wetland Mitigation Site and is open to the public.  Click this link to view an aerial photo and directions.

Prickly pear cactus in adjacent upland

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