Maryland Stormwater Design Manual , Volumes I and II

(October 2000, Revised May 2009)

The 2000 Maryland Stormwater Design Manual is the official guide for stormwater management prin​ciples, methods, and practices in Maryland.  The Design Manual was originally published in October 2000, and was revised in May 2009.  The following is a list of the individual chapters of the Design Manual that may be downloaded.


Description of Chapter

File Name

Manual Cover   mancover.pdf
Volume 1 Cover   vol1cover.pdf
Introduction Table of Contents, List of Tables, Figures, and Preface 2009 Introduction.pdf
Chapter 1 Introduction 2009 Chapter_1.pdf
Chapter 2 Unified Stormwater Sizing Criteria Chapter_2.pdf
Chapter 3 Performance Criteria for Urban best management practice (BMP) Design Chapter_3.pdf
Chapter 4 Guide to BMP Selection & Location in Maryland Chapter_4.pdf
Chapter 5 Environmental Site Design (ESD) 2009 Chapter_5.pdf
Glossary   Glossary.pdf
References   References.pdf
Volume 1 Entire Volume 1 (Large File) MD SWM Volume 1
Volume 2 Cover   vol2cover.pdf
Appendix A Landscaping Guidance Appnd_A.pdf
Appendix B.1 NRCS-MD 378 Pond Std's/Spec's Appnd_B1.pdf
Appendix B.1.1 Supplemental Pond Spec's (Non 378 Ponds) Appnd_B1_1.pdf
Appendix B.1.2 MDE Dam Safety Review Criteria Appnd_B1_2.pdf
Appendix B.2 Construction Spec's for Infiltration Appnd_B2.pdf
Appendix B.3 Construction Spec's for Bioretention, Filters, and Open Channels Appnd_B3.pdf
Appendix B.4 Construction Specifications for ESD Practices 2009 Appnd_B4.pdf
Appendix C.1 Design Example 1 - Shallow Wetland Appnd_C1.pdf
Appendix C.2 Design Example 2 - Water Quality BMPs Appnd_C2.pdf
Appendix D.1 Testing Req's for Infiltration, Bioretention, and Sand Filter Subsoils Appnd_D1.pdf
Appendix D.2 Geotechnical Methods for Karst Feasibility Testing Appnd_D2.pdf
Appendix D.3 Wetland Drawdown Assessment - Short Cut Appnd_D3.pdf
Appendix D.4 MD Critical Area Criteria IDA Zone Appnd_D4.pdf
Appendix D.5 BMP Pollutant Removal Documentation Appnd_D5.pdf
Appendix D.6 NPDES Industrial Stormwater Permit Requirements Appnd_D6.pdf
Appendix D.7 MDE/WMA Overview of NPDES Stormwater Program 2014 General Permit for Stormwater Associated With Construction Activity
Appendix D.8 Misc. Details Appnd_D8.pdf
Appendix D.9 MD Stream Use Designations Appnd_D9.pdf
Appendix D.10 Method for Computing Peak Discharge for WQv Appnd_D10.pdf
Appendix D.11 Method for Computing Cpv Appnd_D11.pdf
Appendix D.12 Critical Erosive Velocities for Grass and Soil Appnd_D12.pdf
Appendix D.13 Infiltration Structure Design Appnd_D13.pdf
Appendix D.14 Eastern Shore (Delmarva) Dimensionless Hydrograph Appnd_D14.pdf
Appendix D.15 Misc. MD-SHA Design Charts Appnd_D15.pdf
Appendix E.1 2009 -Stormwater Credits for Innovative Site Planning (formerly Chapter 5) Appnd_E.1.pdf
Volume 2 Complete Vol. 2 (Large File) MD SWM Volume 2
Archived Pages Pages removed from the April 2000 Manual with adoption of Supplement 1 (not needed if Manual purchased after May 2009)
Introduction Table of Contents, List of Tables, Figures and Preface Introduction.pdf
Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter_1.pdf


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