​Maryland Responsible Person Certification for Construction Site Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Frequently Asked Questions

​Maryland law and regulation requires that any construction site operating under a grading permit must have at least one individual on the site with an awareness and understanding of the Maryland Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (2011)​. This person provides construction oversight, ensures controls are installed correctly and maintained, and acts as a point of contact for soil erosion and sediment control inspection personnel.  Possession of a current Maryland Responsible Person Certification (RPC) satisfies this requirement.  Prior to 2015, the RPC was commonly referred to as the green card” as the certification was printed on green card stock.  In 2015, the certification course was moved online, and the Department ceased issuing paper certification cards.  The certification is now presented in the form of a PDF file that may be printed by the certificate holder upon successful completion of the online training course and associated exam.  The RPC and the green card” represent the same certification. A separate yellow card” also exists for Maryland State Highway Administration/Maryland Department of Transportation projects. Please see the bottom of the FAQs below for more information on that card.

1. How long is my RPC/green card certification valid?

Any certification for soil erosion and sediment control issued by the Department on or after January 1, 2012 either as a physical green card” or the online RPC course is valid for 3 years from the date of issue, but automatically renews unless a significant change is made to the Maryland Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Standards and Specifications.  The Standards and Specifications were updated in 2011; therefore, certifications issued prior to January 1, 2012, are no longer valid.

2. How can I obtain a Maryland Responsible Person Certification?

The training course and examination are offered exclusively online. Interested persons may register for and take the course here.

​3. How long does the training course take?

The training course is self-paced, so you may work through it in one sitting or during several sittings at your discretion as time and schedule allow.  Those with no prior experience with the subject matter should allow 3-4 hours total for the course and exam.

​4. Is there a fee for the training and examination​?

​​No.  Maryland Department of the Environment offers this training as a free service.

​5. I have lost my paper copy of my certificate. How may I obtain a duplicate​?

If you obtained your certification via the online training portal, you may log into your account and download additional copies of the certification.  If you obtained your certification in a classroom prior to mid-2015 and do not have an online account, please contact Pat Depkin at Pat.Depkin@maryland.gov  for assistance.

6. Several of my employees think they took the course and obtained certification, but cannot find their cards.  How can I verify their status?

The RPC course page has a Lookup certifications” tool.  It will search for certifications based on the fields (first name, last name, company, etc.) provided.  Once a person verifies that they have a certification on file, they may download a copy by logging into their account.  If the individuals took the training in a classroom prior to mid-2015, please contact Pat Depkin at Pat.Depkin@maryland.gov for assistance.

7. I obtained my RPC online, but have lost the card and do not remember my password and cannot log in to obtain a copy.​

The course log-in page has a Lost or forgot password” tool that will allow you to reset your password and access your account.  Once logged in, you may download a PDF copy of your certificate which may be printed.​

8. I worked for a different company when I registered for the course.  The Lost or forgot password” will not work because I no longer have access to the email I used to register.  How can I verify that I am certified?

You can use the Lookup certifications” tool to verify that you hold a valid certification and display your certificate number.  If you print the screen or display the search results on a smartphone or other electronic device, this should satisfy anyone looking to verify your credentials.  As noted, the lost/forgot password” tool uses the email on file to attempt to communicate.  If you no longer have access to that email, the only other option is to create a new account using a new email and re-take the course.

9. Do all of my employees that work active sites need to be certified?

No. At least one individual on any active grading permit site must have the certification to interact with inspection and enforcement personnel.  This person must be on site while the job is active.  While MDE encourages all persons working on active sites with soil disturbance to be educated on soil erosion and sediment control policies, only one person present and serving the role as Responsible Person” is required.

10. Do I need to be a Maryland resident to hold a Responsible Person Certification?

No, the certification is available to anyone regardless of residency. 

11. I have been told I need a "yellow card" for an upcoming project in Maryland. What is the "yellow card" and how do I obtain one?

​The "yellow card" is a 3rd party certification required by the Maryland State Highway Administration/Maryland Department of Transportation specifically and only for projects managed by those agencies. It is not required for any other projects, and the Maryland Department of the Environment has no connection to that certification process. Individuals seeking "yellow card" certification must go through the course provided by the Maryland Transportation Builder's Association (www.mtbma.org/). There is a fee for this certification. Maryland Department of the Environment does not maintain any "yellow card" records and does not review, approve, or endorse any 3rd party training or certifications. 

Thank you for your interest in obtaining the Maryland Responsible Person Certification. If you have

further questions or require additional assistance, please contact Pat Depkin at 443-908-0391, or at


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