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Statewide Salt Efforts​​​​​​​​​

Winter Salts

Treatment for ice and snow is a top priority in keeping our citizens safe and our roads clear for business. But what happens when the ice and snow melt?​ Learn more about the impacts that road salt has on public health, infrastructure, and the environment below:

What can I ​do to help reduce my salt?

Avoid slips, trips, and falls:​​

  • ​Pay attention to surface conditions when walking.
  • ​Try to avoid ice at all costs. 
  • Wear proper footwear in winter conditions and take smaller steps.

On y​our property:​​

Website Tips for Public 2.png

Practice best winter driving practices

  • ​Avoid the roads unless necessary.
  • Winter maintenance crews can do their jobs more effectively with less salt usage on roads that have less traffic.
  • Slow down: four-wheel drive does not equal four wheel stop in snowy or icy conditions. Keep your speed reasonable.
  • Keep greater distances between you and other cars. You may be an expert in wintery conditions, but not everyone is.
  • For more information watch the video below:

Winter Driving.PNG

What other efforts are happening in Maryland?

Click the photo below for more information about these programs: SHA.jpg

Additional Resources

Minnesota Salt Application Training & Resources

Developed in Minnesota, this training program will help applicators and their surrounding communities reduce their salt usage. This will save money and be beneficial to Maryland's streams and drinking reservoirs, all while maintaining road safety. For additional information please see the Minnesota Smart Salt website (leaving MDE's website). There are three different types of trainings: 

  • Commercial Applicators: for individuals that maintain walkways, parking lots or service roads.
  • Road Crews: for individuals that operate snowplows.
  • Property Managers: for individuals who pledge to reduce salt usage on their properties and hire trained salt applicators.

​​Izaak Walton League

​In 2017, Izaak​ Walton League of America launched Winter Salt Watch (leaving MDE's website) after noticing a huge pile of salt left by a salt truck sitting directly next to a storm drain. That salt was headed right for the Muddy Branch, a local Maryland stream that feeds into the Potomac.

Now you can do your part and take the Salt Watch Pledge by collecting samples from your own local stream and helping build their ​citizen science program.

Photos sourced from MDOT Flickr and video from AAA.


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