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Volume II, Number 9

 February 2007

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Maryland Department of the Environment Final CY 2007 Standard Permit Application Turnaround Times

By Andrew Gosden, Office of Special Programs

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MDE published our proposed changes to the turnaround times in the November issue of eMDE. We are pleased to announce that we received no negative comments on changing the turnaround time for the Underground Storage Tank Technician and Remover Certification to 40 days. We also received no negative comments on the existing turnaround times and those will remain the same for 2007.

As required by Section 1-607(A)(2) of the Environment Article, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has established, in consultation with interested parties, the following standard turnaround times for all types of permit applications. 

MDE has made the following changes to the permit turnaround times for 2007:

"Underground Storage Tank (UST) Technician and Remover Certification - A new certification category, third party inspectors, has been added to this group. The administration of this new category of third-party inspectors requires existing OCP staff to provide training classes, testing, verification of credentials, and ongoing performance audits in support of the program. The turnaround time has been increased to 40 day."

Please note the following important points about these standard times:

  1. These standards refer to the time between MDE’s receipt of a complete permit application and MDE’s issuance or denial of the permit, excluding delays caused by factors beyond MDE’s control. Many applications are incomplete when they first arrive at MDE. The Customer Service Center (410-537-3772) or the appropriate MDE permit writer can guide you on how to ensure that an application is complete when submitted.
  2. In most permitting programs, each application has unique characteristics that influence its processing time. For each program listed, the standard time represents the time in which 90% of applications can be processed. Many applications will require less time; a few will require more time due to unusual circumstances.

Click here for the Final 2007 Standard turnaround times for all types of MDE permit applications . 

MDE reviews these turnaround times each year and publishes them in the Maryland Register. For further information, please contact Andrew Gosden in MDE’s Customer Service Center at 410-537-3772.


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