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List of State Officials - Martin O'Malley, Governor; Anthony Brown, Lt. Governor; Shari Wilson, MDE Secretary 

Volume II, Number 12

April 2007

eMDE is a monthly publication of the Maryland Department of the Environment. It covers articles on current environmental issues and events in the state. Additional monthly features include: MDE public meetings and hearings schedule, enforcement and compliance notes, and permitting activity.​​

:: Featured Articles

Arbor Day Seeded at Coal Mining Site’s Tree Planting

Each year, the number of trees grows as Maryland coal mine operators have planted nearly 7.5 million trees and shrubs on 10,500 acres of reclaimed surface coal mines to date.

Status of Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Upgrades

The Board of Public Works approved over $72.3 million in Bay Restoration Grant awards to date for ENR upgrades of 28 of the 66 targeted wastewater treatment plants in Maryland.

Introducing Maryland’s State Water Quality Advisory Committee

SWQAC is a multi-disciplinary work group that provides guidance for water quality management issues.

Air and Radiation Staff Provide Training and Education for MDE’s Customers

Protecting public health means keeping the professionals working with asbestos, mobile source emissions and radiation safe on the job.

Clean Car Clinics for Clean Air

Running your vehicle efficiently will help Maryland’s air quality.

Environmental Education Takes Hands-on Approach with MDE’s Adopt-a-School

April is Environmental Education Month. Calverton Middle School sixth graders dig in to MDE activities.

Staying Active in the Public Eye 

…with waste education outreach. An aluminum can in the trash stays in the landfill for more than 500 years, but can be recycled within six weeks!

Meet Laura Armstrong: MDE's Pollution Prevention Coordinator

Companies realize cost savings when implementing MDE’s suggested pollution prevention practices and prioritizing their role in environmental impacts.

:: Enforcement and Compliance Notes

This section provides a monthly report on the State's environmental enforcement and compliance activities. This issue covers the period between mid-February and mid-March 2007.

:: For the Record

This section provides a partial list by county of applications received by MDE and other permitting activity between mid-February and mid-March 2007.



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