Adopted Water Regulations

List of Final Actions 

The Secretary of the Department can adopt a regulation upon expiration of the 45th day after it is proposed in the Maryland Register.

After a regulation is adopted, a Notice of Final Action is published in the Maryland Register.  If any nonsubstantive changes are made to a regulation from the original proposed text, the Notice of Final Action shows the changes with explanation for the changes.  The Final Action also specifies the date on which the adopted regulations will go into effect.  

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Update as of 8/4/2023​​


​Wastewater Pollution Prevention and Reclamation Program
Regulation Title
​On-site wastewater property transfer inspection license
​This action creates a new chapter titled “On-site Wastewater Property Transfer Inspection License.” During the 2021 Session, HB 407 and SB 22 passed to create the law prohibiting an individual from engaging in the business of inspecting an on–site sewage disposal system (OSDS) unless the person holds a valid on–site wastewater property transfer inspection license issued by MDE on or after July 1, 2022. 
​ - .07​
Relevant Statutory Deadline
Target Effective Date
Effective on 8/21/23
​Status and related documents
​Notice of Final Adoption to be published in the Maryland Register on 8/11/23​.

Regulation Title
General Discharge Permit for Mineral Mines, Quarries, Borrow Pits, and Concrete and Asphalt Plants
The goals of the changes are to 1) reduce confusion on who is covered; 2) provide better coverage under one permit for activities currently requiring two general permits (or in some cases by an individual permit); and 3) expand coverage to address a technology called hydrodemolition
Effective Date11/23/2015

Regulation Title
Quality of Drinking Water in Maryland
The revisions include the adoption of the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR), which was finalized by EPA in February 2013, and a minor revision to the Disinfection Byproduct monitoring requirements (COMAR
Effective Date8/29/2016

Regulation Title
Board of Well Drillers - Issuance, Renewal and Reinstatement of Licenses
To reduce fees for applications, initial licenses and renewals.
Effective Date8/29/2016

Regulation Title
Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators - General Regulations
To reduce fees for certification, renewal and reciprocity fees.
Effective Date8/29/2016

Regulation Title
Best Available Technology for Removal of Nitrogen (BAT)
The purpose of this action is to remove the universal requirement that Best Available Technology for Removal of Nitrogen (BAT) systems be installed outside the Critical Area for all new construction septic systems, unless the local governing body enacts code in order to protect public health or waters of the State, or the system design is 5,000 gallons per day or greater.
Effective Date11/24/2016

Number of Adopted Water Regulations : 5