BALTIMORE, MD (July 30, 2012) – Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Smart, Green & Growing Award for Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovation in Stormwater Management. Award nominations are due by Friday, August 31, 2012.  Award winners will be recognized at the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Clean Water Innovations Tradeshow in October.

The award recognizes groups, organizations, county and municipal governments and projects that have fostered the creation of new approaches to address the impact of stormwater runoff pollution in Maryland. Stormwater runoff is surface water that flows off roofs and pavement after a storm. When the ground fails to soak in the runoff, it channels pollutants such as pesticides, sediment, bacteria, pet waste and trash into our waterways. Stormwater management practices help control pollution through the use of nonstructural and/or structural techniques that intercept runoff from developed areas, filter and treat the runoff and discharge it a controlled rate.

MDE will consider activities or projects that:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of new and innovative technologies.
  • Increase public awareness of stormwater impacts.
  • Encourage the use of approaches such as Environmental Site Design or Low Impact Development.
  • Highlight cooperative efforts to restore Maryland’s streams, watershed and water quality.

In 2011, MDE honored the City of Rockville and Town of Edmonston with the Stormwater Management Award. Rockville renovated the six-acre College Gardens Park, creating a functional stormwater management facility with aesthetic features, and restored sections of stream. Because of the project, stormwater is treated from 79 acres that were previously untreated.

Edmonston’s Green Streets project addressed flooding and stormwater runoff problems in the town, and included a bioretention area and pervious surfaces. It also included street trees, LED lighting and bike paths.

Both award-winning projects received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grants through MDE.

Nomination forms for the Smart, Green & Growing Award for Sustainability Infrastructure and Innovation and in Stormwater Management are available on MDE’s website, and may be submitted by email to or by mail to: Maryland Department of the Environment, Office of Communications, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore Maryland 21230, Attention: Adrienne Diaczok.

Smart, Green & Growing is a multi-agency, statewide initiative to help Maryland achieve a more sustainable future by linking community revitalization, transportation improvements, economic development, smart growth and environmental restoration efforts.