Non Coal Mining Instructions for Preparation of the Map Accompanying the Short Form Mining & Reclamation Plan (Less than Five Acres)

Accompanying the short form application shall be a topographic map, in duplicate, on a scale no smaller than 1"= 200' with a contour interval appropriate for the area and at least 2 representative cross-sections. 

The map shall show the following:

  1. Vicinity Map of the tract of land to be affected 
  2. Property Lines 
  3. Location and names of a)streams, b) roads, c) railroads, and d)utility lines that are on or immediately adjacent (withing 200 feet) to the affected areas 
  4. Show possible tidal and nontidal wetlands, critical areas, and the one hundred year floodplain of nontideal streams on-site and within 200 feet of the affected area 
  5. Location of all buildings within 200 feet of the outer perimeter of the affected areas 
  6. Name of landowner of affected area 
  7. Signed Owner/Operator certifcation  
  8. Names of adjoining landowners 
  9. Location of test borings or test pits, if any 
  10. Outline and designation of:
    1. Affected area 
    2. Topsoil, subsoil and overburden stockpiles
    3. Equipment and product storage areas
    4. Processing plants
    5. Tailings, wash water make up and settling ponds
    6. Proposed permanent impoundment
    7. Disposal areas
    8. Reclaimed areas
    9. Areas to be mined at a future date
    10. Haul roads, and
    11. Existing disturbance on-site 
  11. North Arrow 
  12. Mining Direction Arrow 
  13. Sediment Control Devices 
  14. Soil Conservation Distric approval. (Not nexessary for initial review.  Must be on final plans submitted for approval).

Contact Information

For more information contact: Molly Michaelson,, MDE, Mining Program, MOG, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230, 410-537-3568

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