Wastewater Permits

NPDES Municipal Surface Water Discharges

The municipal surface water discharge permit is a combined state and federal permit under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). This permit is issued for sewage treatment plants and some water treatment plants that discharge to State surface waters. The permit is designed to protect the quality of the body of water receiving the discharge. Anyone who discharges wastewater to surface waters may need a surface water discharge permit. Applicants include municipalities, counties, federal facilities, schools, and commercial water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as treatment systems for private residences that discharge to surface waters.

Additionally, an industrial discharge to a municipal wastewater collection system may require a pretreatment permit. More information on MDE's Pretreatment program can be found here.

A description of the permitting process can be found here.

Search for individual permit and/or general permit registrations here.

Guidelines for use of highly treated (Class IV) reclaimed water (wastewater reuse) can be found here.

Important Announcement - Electronic Reporting Rule 

On Decembet 21, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency promulgated a final rule to modernize Clean Water Act reporting for municipalities, industries, and other facilities by converting to an electronic data reporting system (40 CFR 127.16). The final rule requires all National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulated entities to electronically submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) starting on December 21, 2016. Before you can submit official DMRs online using NetDMR, you must attend a training webinar, successfully complete account set-up, and submit example monitoring results electronically.

The NetDMR website is located at https://netdmr.epa.gov/and technical support is available at and technical support is available at https://netdmr.zendesk.com/home. An application form for a waiver from electronic reporting requirements can be found here.  Applications for a waiver from electronic reporting requirements must be submitted to the Department for written approval by August 23, 2016 (120 days in advance of the December 21, 2016 deadline).  A brochure with additional information, including contacts, can be found here.

Municipal Surface Water Discharge Permit Forms

​  Notice for Individual NPDES Applications  

​All applications for individual NPDES Permits for facilities with flows greater than 0.1 MGD which are submitted after June 12, 2019 must utilize the new EPA Form 3510-2A.  The link below have been updated to refect the new form.  If you are submitting your application prior to June 12, 2019 and require a copy of the old form, you may retrieve it from EPA's website (outside link). ​ Facilities with flows less than 0.1 MGD should continue to use the exisitng form until further notice, which remains linked below.

Certification of Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage

Pursuant to Section 1-202 of the Environment Article, before MDE may issue a license or permit to a business that might employ a covered employee, the business shall submit to MDE a valid workers' compensation insurance policy or binder. Businesses that are exempt from having to provide workers' compensation insurance under applicable provisions of the Labor & Employment Article may need to submit a Certificate of Compliance. (MDE/WMA/PER.069) 

Contact Information

Please contact the Department at (410) 537-3671 for more information.

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