Joint Evaluation Meeting

The Joint Evaluation Meeting (JE) is intended to provide a potential applicant on large, complicated or non-standard projects with informal regulatory feedback and is intended to help guide an applicant towards submitting a complete application. The JE may also be used to provide the regulatory agencies with project updates as the application is being reviewed. The JE is not intended for the potential applicant to have the agencies “design” a project; the applicant should be prepared to present a proposed project design which should include several alternatives showing reduction and minimization.
JE is routinely attended by the following agencies: The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), the United States Corps of Engineers (CORPS), the Maryland Board of Public Works, The Maryland Critical Area Commission, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Other agencies from local or municipal regulatory programs attend as necessary based on a project’s description. The applicant may invite other programs or agencies that they are interested in receiving feedback from based on the proposed project.
JE is not open to the general public. Only the potential applicant, agencies, and individuals specifically invited by the potential applicant or an agency are allowed.
What JE does not do:
  • JE does not provide regulatory decisions.
  • Comments provided during JE by the agencies are not decisional.
  • JE does not provide project approval by the MDE or the CORPS based on the potential applicant’s presentation or provided plans
JE is held on the last Wednesday of every month (except when holidays require a change). The current year’s schedule is provided below and is included in the downloadable Meeting Request Worksheet. An hour time slot is provided for presentations. This includes time for the presentation, questions, answers, and agency comments. Additional time for larger projects can be requested in the worksheet.


Meeting Date​ Deadline for JE requests​ ​Posting of JE agendas
October 27​ ​October 18 ​October 19
November 17​ ​November 8 ​November 9
December 22 ​December 13 ​December 14
To request a JE presentation time slot, please download the worksheet below and fill out and return the last page (per the directions) to the JE Coordinator (contact information below).
JE Coordinator contact:

Joint Evaluation Presentation Request Worksheet (Word doc)