Structural Shoreline Stabilization Maps

Presented here are mapped segments of certain high energy shorelines that have been designated by the Maryland Department of the Environment as being appropriate for structural shoreline stabilization measures; these maps have been developed, and will be maintained by MDE.

Please download and print the map instruction file first:


Instructions to Create and View County Maps

  1. Open Google Earth (To install Google Earth click here.)
    Then return to the MDE page with the county links
  2. Right-click on the desired county link (below):
  3. Left-click on ‘Save target as’
    The extension in the file name field will be XML – Before saving, change the extension to KML
  4. Save the file to your computer desktop
  5. Double-click the KML file you saved to your desktop
    Google Earth will zoom to the appropriate county indicating in red those shoreline segments where stabilization can be performed.


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