2. Robinson Tract


The Robinson Tract is a 2.2 acre (1.0 acre forested, 1.2 acres emergent) wetland creation located within the Washington Metro. Area - Piscataway Creek (02-14-02-03) watershed of Prince George's County.


In spring 1992, the Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Division and the Maryland National Capitol Parks and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) converted this old surface mite site into a wetland.   In Fall 1994, organic material was added and the site was planted.  Remedial work was required and completed in the summer of 1995 to allow more surface water flow to the site.   

Pre-construction conditions

During construction


This site has sufficient wetland hydrology and is developing into a successful forested wetland.  Although it is dominated by Black willow and Buttonbush, deer browsing seems to be limiting woody species growth.  This site is providing excellent wetland function, including providing aquatic habitat, filtering sediments and other pollutants, reducing floodwater flows, and enhancing recreational opportunities.  Using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, MDE gave this site the relatively high score of 90/100. 

Adjacent existing wetlands

Robinson wetland mitigation - 2005

This site is within the Piscataway Creek Stream Valley Park, but access may be restricted.  Click here to see an aerial photo and location information.


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