This site is an 8 acre forested wetland restoration located in the Lower Susquehanna River - Deer Creek (02120202) watershed of Harford County.



In May 2007, the Maryland Department of the Environment, in conjunction with Harford Soil Conservation District, the contractor, and the landowner, restored this wetland through minor grading and planting within existing pastureland.            

Pre-construction conditions - 2006

Existing hydric soils

During construction - 2007

Ditch plug construction - 2007


Since this site provides potential bog turtle habitat, based on consultation with the Department of Natural Resources, the wetland design includes some open areas for bog turtles.  This site continues to be monitored. Using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, MDE gave this site the relatively high score of 92/100.  Other than the presence of some thistle, which is being controlled, this site is dominated by a diverse mix of desirable herbaceous and woody plant species.  This site provides good wetland functions including furnishing organic matter to the aquatic food web, filtering sediment/pollutants, reducing floodwater flow, and providing habitat for fish, frogs, and other wetland and non-wetland dependent wildlife.  This site is on private property.     

Wetland mitigation - 2008

Native rose bush

Joe Pye Weed


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