The site is a 37.5 acre forested wetland restoration and riparian buffer project located in the Middle Potomac River – Lower Monocacy River (02-14-03-02) watershed of Frederick County.      



In Summer/Fall 1999, the Maryland Department of the Environment, Department of Natural Resources, the landowner, and Morris & Associates cooperated in restoring former pasture land and a degraded stream corridor into wetlands.             

Pre-construction conditions


This site has established into an diverse wetland system and provides excellent water quality improvement function to the adjacent stream and good wildlife habitat.  This wetland was planned to be a forested sytem, and the tree survival has been lower than desired, possibly due to the high deer population.  When MDE scored this site in 2009 using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, the site received the score of 84/100.  This site is on private land.     


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