This project is a 2.2 acre (1.2 acres forested, 1 acre emergent) wetland located within the Bush River Area - Swan Creek (02-13-07-06) watershed of Harford County. 



In August 1997, the Maryland Department of the Environment and Harford County Soil Conservation District, in cooperation with the landowners, converted an agricultural field into a wetland.  The site was planted in spring 1998.     


This wetland system has more water than desired, and is dominated by Spatterdock.  When MDE scored this site in 2009 using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, the site received the low score of 75/100.  The site provides valuable wetland functions including water quality improvement and wildlife habitat.      

Wildlife is abundant at this site . . .



Beaver lodge

This wetland is on private land. 


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