45. Millington Wildlife Management Area II


The Millington Wildlife Management Area II site is a total of 1.5 acres wetlands, including 1 acre forested wetland restoration and 0.5 acre emergent wetland creation, converted from agricultural land.  The site is located in the Chester River - Upper Chester River Area (02-13-05-10) watershed of Kent County. 



The Maryland Department of the Environment and the Kent Soil Conservation District began construction of this site in Summer 2004.

Pre-construction 1994


This site has established into an acceptable wetland and it provides valuable wetland functions to the surrounding landscape.   When MDE scored this site in 2009 using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, the site received the score of 76/100.  

This site is located on public property. Click on this link to view an aerial photo and directions.

Site 1

Site 2

Leapord frog in Site 3

Site 3

Site 4

Open water on site 4

 This site is located on public land.  Click here to view an aerial photo and location information.

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