4. The Hashawha Environmental Center (Phase I)


The Hashawha Environmental Center (Phase I) is a 2 acre (0.1 acre scrub-shrub, 1.9 acre emergent) wetland creation located in the Middle Potomac River - Double Pipe Creek (02-14-03-04) watershed of Carroll County.


In the winter 1992, the Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Division and the Carroll County Soil Conservation District converted a grassed floodplain into a wetland.  The site was planted in spring 1993 and treated for cattail in summer 1995.      

Pre-construction - 1992

During construction

Volunteers planting the site - 1993


While cattail is still one of the dominant species, there are several other species interspersed, creating a wetland of high functional value. One of these values includes education, since it is along an interpretive boardwalk trail next to the environmental center. There is also a large population of amphibians utilizing the wetland. Using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, MDE gave this site the relatively high score of 89/100.

This site is open to the pubic.  Click this link for an aerial photo and directions.

View from the boardwalk in 2008

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