22. Gunpowder State Park - Days Cove


The Gunpowder State Park - Days Cove site is a 4.5 acre forested wetland located in the Gunpowder River Area - Bird River (02-13-08-03) watershed of Baltimore County.

Picture of wetland


During the period between Fall 1997 and Spring 1998, the Maryland Department of the Environment and Department of Natural Resources partnered to construct and plant this wetland from a fallow field. 


Much of the site has established into an acceptable wetland system.  However, some portions are too dry.  There are also some areas dominated by cattail or by the invasive plant species Arthraxon.  When MDE scored this site in 2009 using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, the site received the score of 69/100.  With this being said, the site still provides some valuable wetland functions including water quality improvement, recreation, and wildlife habitat.  There was evidence of deer, crayfish, and beaver, in addition to the box turtle that was found.

Picture of wetland Picture of box turtle

This site is located within the park and is open to the public.  Click this link to view an aerial photo and directions. 

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