58. Dun Swamp


The Dun Swamp site is a 20 acre (13 acres forested and 7 acres emergent) wetland restoration located in the Pocomoke River - Lower Pocomoke River (02130202) watershed of Worcester County.  


Between Fall 2007 and Spring 2008, the Maryland Department of the Environment, Worcester Soil Conservation District, and the Department of Natural Resources cooperated to grade and plant this agricultural field to restore it back to wetlands.  This land was purchased by the State as part of the Chesapeake Forest Land.  Grading including plugging a drainage ditch and creating small berms on the lowest side of the field.          


It appears that grading has succeeded in restoring sufficient wetland hydrology to the site.  However, since this site is so new, future monitoring will determine the success.  While this site is located on DNR-owned land, access may be restricted. Click here to see an aerial photo and location information.      


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