16. Challedon


The Challedon site is a 3 acre forested wetland created from a fallow farm field.  It is located in the Patapsco River - South Branch Patapsco River (02-13-09-08) watershed of Carroll County. 



The Maryland Department of the Environment and Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. constructed this site in September 1995 and planted it in June 1996.


This site has not been extremely successful.  The developer planted part of the site and then backed out.   It is difficult to determine the site boundaries.  Some areas are functioning wetlands but other areas are too dry, instead being upland meadow.  The invasive species Arthraxon and Microstegium are common.  Using the newly developed Mitigation Site Scoring Method, MDE gave this site a lower score of 73/100 for the above-mentioned reasons.  This site still provides a moderate amount of wetland functions, including furnishing organic matter to the aquatic food web, filtering sediments/pollutants, reducing floodwater flow, wildlife habitat, and aesthetic qualities. 

wood frog eggs in March

While this site is on private property, the mitigation can be viewed from the sidewalk.  Click here to see an aerial photo and directions.

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