Map of Approved TMDLs in Maryland: Total Nitrogen (State TMDLs)

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About the Map

The shaded polygons in the map above represent the direct watershed areas associated with applicable WLAs for EPA-approved TMDLs in Maryland.

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How to Use the Map

Clicking on a shaded polygon will display information about the TMDL for that watershed, including the title of the TMDL report, a hyperlink to that report and the date the TMDL was approved by EPA. Each shape is identified through a GIS ID number which corresponds to a record in the online TMDL search tool.

To navigate the map, use your arrow to drag and pan. Click the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out. Enter an address in the window (top right) to zoom to a location. Clicking on "Basemap" allows the user to change the background (e.g. aerial photography, topographic coverage, etc). Clicking on “View Larger Map” will take the user to a customizable map interface where additional layers may be added.

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