Map of Maryland Land Cover


Phase 5.3.2 Bay Model (2006) Land Cover Shapefile (download)

Source: Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP)


  • This raster, grid file represents landcover conditions in Maryland. The land-cover was developed by the USGS’s CBP office, using 2006 Landsat imagery and NLCD protocols, with subsequent reclassifications using ancillary datasets to refine the urban footprint. The land-cover data is the primary spatial dataset used to inform the Chesapeake Bay Phase 5.3.2 watershed model land-use. The Phase 5.3.2 watershed model was used to develop the Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), and recently has been used in the development of many local TMDLs in Maryland. This land-cover file can be used in conjunction with the NPDES Regulated Stormwater area file and applicable TMDL watershed files to identify areas associated with Stormwater WLAs.


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