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List of State Officials - Martin O'Malley, Governor; Anthony Brown, Lt. Governor; Robert Summers, Acting MDE Secretary 

Volume IV, Number 9

 March 2011

eMDE is a quarterly publication of the Maryland Department of the Environment. It covers articles on current environmental issues and events in the state. 

MDE recognizes outstanding employees

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The Maryland Department of the Environment congratulates several employees for their outstanding service during the last quarter of the year.

Karen Lupo, of the Administrative Services Administration, for fielding countless questions and processing a myriad of paperwork to assure that everything flowed smoothly for employees who participated in the Voluntary Separation Program.

Pat Robey, of the Administrative Services Administration, for ensuring that all year-end contractual commitments and obligations were successfully completed in a timely fashion.

Bonnie Besche, of the Air and Radiation Management Administration, for successfully completing a major file reorganization for the Radiological Health Program.

Walter Simms, of the Air and Radiation Management Administration, for assisting in the development of two years worth of emission inventories for Maryland simultaneously.

Carmelina Disney, of the Land Management Administration, for assisting in the timely and accurate processing of certifications for hazardous waste haulers and vehicles, handling a large volume of mail, and reorganizing files for more than 700 hazardous waste transporters.

Nazeeh Freij, of the Land Management Administration, for supervising the Sewage Sludge Utilization Section in the absense of the Section supervisor, ensuring that permit applications, projects, and permit renewals were processed within standard turnaround times.

Ann McManus, of the Science Services Administration, for preparing and updating the Administration's digital shoreline survey software and trouble-shooting problems.

Greg Kolarik, of the Water Management Administration, for his assistance to the Compliance Program by using his expertise in multi-media inspections, performing his duties in an increased territory, and accepting additional responsibilities at multiple sites.

Raymond Bahr, of the Water Management Administration, for his leadership in developing the urban stormwater portion of Maryland's Watershed Implementation Plan while managing numerous municipal stormwater permits, evaluating local sediment control programs, and leading a committee of experts to establish Best Management Practices and pollutant reduction program strategy efficiencies for Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load modeling.


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