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List of State Officials - Martin O'Malley, Governor; Anthony Brown, Lt. Governor; Robert Summers, Acting MDE Secretary 

Volume IV, Number 9​

March 2011

eMDE is a quarterly publication of the Maryland Department of the Environment. It covers articles on current environmental issues and events in the state. 

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Featured Articles

A new phase for the Bay

With the development and continued fine-tuning of a detailed road map to reduce pollutants entering our waterways, Maryland is turning the corner in its long-running effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay and improve local waterways. More >

MDE headlines

Fish kill of unusual scale becomes a whopper of a story, jailed Baltimore landlord pressed to comply with Maryland's lead law, MDE moves to sue utility for water pollution. More >

General Assembly 2011: Reducing pollution from septic systems, moving carefully on Marcellus Shale, countering acid mine drainage

Environmental measures under consideration in the General Assembly include a proposal to prevent pollution from septic systems to the Chesapeake and other Maryland waterways. That legislation would also encourage smart growth and agricultural preservation. More >

MDE works to meet federal requirements for wetland compensation

The Maryland Department of the Environment - which has for many years operated programs to offset the effects of unavoidable losses of wetlands - is working to meet new federal standards designed to produce even better, more consistent results nationwide. More >

Maryland lead poisoning fight gets federal boost

A federal rule that will help Maryland’s efforts to eliminate childhood lead poisoning is now fully in effect. More > 

Nominate champions of the environment for Tawes, Coulter awards

It's time to nominate that person or group that worked to better Maryland's environment for the 2011 Tawes Award for a Clean Environment. Government employees can be nominated for the James B. Coulter Award. More >

Spotlight on staff: Meet Suna Yi Sariscak

Suna Yi Sariscak works to protect public health and the environment by ensuring that chemical plants and other industrial facilities meet Maryland’s stringent air quality standards.More >

MDE recognizes outstanding employees

The Maryland Department of the Environment congratulates several employees for their outstanding service during the last quarter of the year. More >



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