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List of State Officials - Martin O'Malley, Governor; Anthony Brown, Lt. Governor; Shari T. Wilson, MDE Secretary 

Volume III, Number 10

 April 2009

eMDE is a bi-monthly publication of the Maryland Department of the Environment. It covers articles on current environmental issues and events in the state. 

MDE Recognizes Outstanding Employees

By Ronda Glasgow, Office of Human Resources and Kim Lamphier, Office of Communications

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The Maryland Department of the Environment is fortunate to have an incredibly talented and dedicated staff.

The Department congratulates the following employees for their outstanding service during the last quarter:
Tammy Phillips for her professional support of a critical education and outreach seminar in the radiological health program. 

Tammy Lewis for her additional work supporting MDE's human resources division.

Bob Payne in IT for his hard work and dedication during a critical upgrade of the MDE network infrastructure.

Roscoe Sincero in IT for his outstanding customer support to MDE's field staff using a new "in the field" technology.

Sharon Turner in the Science Services Administration for her diligent efforts managing nine different grants from the federal government.

Kristy Dean in the Waste Management Administration for her exceptional efforts in to ensure the effectiveness of training programs. 

Carmelina Disney in the Waste Management Administration for her outstanding performance in processing hazardous waste documentation.

Linda Ames in the Water Management Administration for her accomplishments as supervisor of MDE’s Drinking Water Laboratory Certification Program and elimination of the backlog of assessments and permit reviews.

Jeff Sheppard in the Water Management Administration for his efforts to identify and report to the Governor and U.S. Congress over $1 billion of drinking water, wastewater and non-point source projects ready to proceed in calendar year 2009.

Patsy Allen in the Water Management Administration for her superlative efforts to issue the first-ever regulations to address water pollution from poultry operations.


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