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List of State Officials - Martin O'Malley, Governor; Anthony Brown, Lt. Governor; Shari T. Wilson, MDE Secretary 



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Martin O'Malley, Governor 
Anthony G. Brown, Lieutenant Governor
Shari T. Wilson, Secretary
Robert M. Summers, Deputy Secretary
Stephen L. Pattison, Assistant Secretary

Editorial Board Members:

Andrew Gosden, Small Business Program Coordinator, Customer Service Center
Bob Maddox, Public Participation Coordinator, Air & Radiation Management Administration
Anna Soehl, Environmental Specialist, Science Services Administration
Renee Matthews, Outreach Coordinator, Water Management Administration
Joe Herb, DP Analyst/Programmer, Office of Information Management and Technology
David Mrgich, Recycling Section Head, Waste Management Administration
Don Mauldin, Representative, Office of Communications

For the Record Section
Joane Mueller
, Production Coordinator, Office of Communications


Gail Castleman, WAS
Ta-shon Yu, WMA
Bob Daniel, Permitting and Customer Services
Bob Maddox, ARMA
Debbie Kasraei,WMA
Lynn Luca, ARMA
Melody Thrower, WMA  

Enforcement & Compliance Notes
Gary Kelman
, Office of the Secretary


Kate Kreutter, ARMA
Frank Courtright, ARMA
Hilary Miller, WAS
Carol Coates,WMA

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