Maryland's Brownfield Revitalization Incentive Program (BRIP)

Brownfields Revitalization Incentive P​rogram (BRIP)​
This program is intended to promote economic development, especially in distressed urban areas, by identifying and redeploying underutilized properties. Reusing real property makes efficient use of existing infrastructure while providing an alternative to developing open space that contributes to urban sprawl.​

BRIP​ may be able to offer financial incentives for help organizing and assessing a Brownfield property, performing environmental evaluations, and remedial action cleanups through grants, loans and real property tax credits. The program is administered through the Maryland Dept. of Commerce and the Brownfield property must be located within a participating jurisdiction that has enacted BRIP legislation and carries the requirement for participation and completion of Maryland’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). 

​For more information specific to tax credits, please visit the Dept. of Commerce BRIP website at:

​BRIP competitive grant and loan funding support economic development and is managed through the Dept. of Commerce Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority and Fund (MEDAAF). For more information specific to potential grants and loans, please visit the Dept. of Commerce Advantage Maryland website at:
Dept. of Commerce Contact Information
Timothy Doyle, Managing Director
Maryland Dept. of Commerce, Office of Finance Programs
Tel: 410-767-2369

Maryland's Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program
The Maryland Dept. of Planning has created a Brownfield redevelopment assistance and outreach program to help connect local planning jurisdictions with EPA Brownfields funding opportunities, identify technical and financial resources and to help parties navigate the Brownfields process. For information specific to the Maryland Dept. of Planning Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program, please visit their website at:

Dept. of Planning Contact Information
Sylvia A. Mosser, AICP
Resource Conservation Planner
MD Dept. of Planning 
Tel: 410-767-4487

EPA Brownfields and Land Revitalization in Region 3

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3 Brownfields Program offers financial and technical assistance to communities and other parties interested in redeveloping Brownfields sites within the State of Maryland. Some assistance opportunities include Technical Assistance to Brownfields and EPA performance of Targeted Brownfields Assessments. For more information​ specific to EPA's Brownfields opportunities, please visit EPA's Brownfields and Land Revitalization in Region 3 website at:

EPA Region 3 Contact Information
Patricia M. Corbett
Project Officer, Brownfields and Land Revitalization Branch
Land, Chemicals and Redevelopment Division
Tel: 215-814-3173

MDE Contact Information

Please  email or call the Voluntary​ Cleanup Program at 410-537-3493​.

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