Radiation Control Advisory Board - Vacant Positions

Vacant Positions

The Maryland Department of the Environment seeks interested applicants to fill vacant positions on the Radiation Control Advisory Board (RCAB). The RCAB was established pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland, § 8-201 et seq. The statute provides that there is a Radiation Control Advisory Board in the Department.

The duties of the Board are to (1) review periodically the programs and policies of the Department that relate to radiation, and (2) consult with and advise the Secretary of the Department on matters that relate to radiation.

Interested candidates should fill out a Curriculum Vitae (see link below). Candidates should also include a brief cover letter expressing interest in membership, listing the specific area(s) of your background or expertise in the field of radiation (N/A to public vacancies), and listing any specific issues, concerns, or interests in the field of radiation safety or health that you are interested in working on if selected as a Board member. These two documents should be submitted to:

Mr. Michael Kurman
Radiological Health Program
Air and Radiation Management Administration
1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 750
Baltimore, MD 21230

At the present time, no applications are being accepted for Board positions.  When vacancies occur, this page will indicate the date by which applications must be submitted.

Contact Info

Mr. Kurman can be reached at 410-537-3208 or within Maryland at 800-633-6101 ext. 3208.  E-mail contact can be made to michael.kurman@maryland.gov.

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