2030 GGRA Plan Flyer ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Elena Trujillo 

The 2030 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act Plan

The 2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan lays out our approach to Maryland's Greenhouse Gas reduction goals. The Plan calls for a goal of 50% reductions by 2030, as recommended by the Maryland Commission on Climate Change. With federal actions on climate change anticipated, Maryland expects to be able to achieve that goal.​


The 2030 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act
(GGRA) Plan

GGRA Plan Document​

Executive Summary                                                                                                

Appendix A​: The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act of 2009
Appendix B​:​​​ The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act - Reauthorization
Appendix C​: Greenhouse Gas Emission Projections Documentation (2014-2030
Appendix D​: 2017 Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Documentation
Appendix E​: NG Life-Cycle GHG Emissions Inventory Attributable to Fracked Gas in 2017
Appendix F: ​Documentation of Maryland PATHWAYS Scenario Modeling 
Appendix G: Economic Impacts
​​Appendix H: Impact Analysis of the GGRA of 2009 on Manufacturing Industry in Maryland
​​Appendix I: Just Transition
​​Appendix J: Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) GGRA Plan
​​Appendix K: Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) Recommended Practices 
Appendix L​: Public Comments on the DRAFT Plan (2019)

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Modeling Data used for the 2030 GGRA Plan:

Chris Beck, Climate Change Program chief