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Volume II, Number 9

 February 2007

eMDE is a monthly publication of the Maryland Department of the Environment. It covers articles on current environmental issues and events in the state. 

Shedding the Holiday Waste

By David Mrgich, Waste Management Administration

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Christmas tree shredding for mulch 

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When cleaning up from holiday festivities, please keep in mind the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle ensure a clean and healthy environment. To help with your recycling efforts, here’s a list so check it twice, to keep our world clean and nice. It is important to check with your local recycling office on specifics:

Recycle Your Christmas Tree!

All of Maryland’s counties collect Christmas trees for recycling.
Recycle cardboard, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and gift tags. Generally, all paper products that can be torn can be recycled in local paper recycling programs.

Recycle Old Electronics

Maryland residents have access to eCycling through either permanent drop-off locations or special collection events. Click here for more information.

Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries, while more expensive to purchase, last longer then standard non-rechargeable batteries. Also, with the introduction of 2500 milliampere-hour (mAh) rechargeable batteries, rechargeables have a much improved single-charge life. The higher a rechargeable battery's mAh rating, the more run-time you'll get out of your device. Higher-drain devices, such as cameras and portable electronic games, need higher mAh batteries, such as 2500 mAh or above. For standard devices, including remote controls or radios, a low mAh capacity such as 1700 mAh is sufficient.

Recycle Old Batteries

Batteries, even rechargeables, don’t last forever. Rechargeable battery recycling locations can be located by dialing 800-8BATTERY. Additionally, batteries are accepted at local household hazardous waste (HHW) collection events.

Keeping these few easy tips in mind can make your holiday an environmentally friendly occasion. Click here for more information on recycling, or for contact information on your local recycling program.


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