ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 14, 2013) - Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Robert M. Summers today marked Maryland Groundwater Awareness Week by discussing drinking water wells and septic systems maintenance at Sandy Point State Park. He was joined by: Frank W. Dawson, Assistant Secretary, Department of Natural Resources; Duane Wilding, Senior Engineer, Maryland Environmental Service; and Kristin Mielcarek, Watershed Circuit Rider, Canaan Valley Institute. Secretary Summers presented Mr. Wilding with a proclamation from Governor Martin O’Malley recognizing March 10-16 as Maryland Groundwater Awareness Week in recognition of the Maryland Environmental Service’s well maintenance services at Sandy Point State Park.

A clean and abundant supply of groundwater is crucial to every aspect of our lives, including drinking water, household purposes, irrigation, business and industry. Maryland Groundwater Awareness Week encourages citizens to learn more about groundwater, how it can be potentially contaminated and what we as citizens of Maryland can do to protect it and our entire freshwater supply.

View more photos from today's event on MDE's Flickr site