Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (May 16, 2007) – The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) today signed a consent order with A&I, Inc. (Prince George’s County) that addresses six violations of asbestos regulations at Martin Luther King Middle School.

The violations occurred during an asbestos removal project conducted by A&I Contractors in the school’s boiler room. The violations placed the contractor’s workers at risk, but did not result in any harm to the general population as the boiler room was sealed during when the asbestos removal project took place.

The Order requires payment of a $7,500 penalty over 10 months. Additionally, the Order requires A&I to send supervisors to attend asbestos training. This enforcement action began during a routine MDE Air & Radiation Management Administration inspection of an asbestos removal project at the school. Violations include failure to properly wet the job site, improper handling of asbestos waste, and failure of workers to wear proper protective gear.

A&I has been a Maryland asbestos licensed contractor since 1986. MDE previously brought an enforcement action against the Company in 2002 for asbestos violations.