Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (February 16, 2007) Governor Martin O’Malley announced on February 14, 2007 Board of Public Works approval of a $200,000 grant for the Town of Port Deposit water treatment plant upgrade in Cecil County. The Board is comprised of Governor O’Malley, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“This project will benefit the general health of Port Deposit residents and provide for a reliable, high quality drinking water supply,” said Acting Secretary Shari T. Wilson. “The state takes pride in doing what we can to meet the needs of this community’s water distribution system.”

This proposed project entails upgrading of the existing water treatment plant. The proposed improvements involve replacing/upgrading old facilities and equipment with current technology, such as flocculators, gravity settlers, air compressor, lift pumps, instrumentation and other upgrades. The proposed improvements will help the plant to meet the safe drinking water standards.

“The upgrades will provide a greater level of reliability and efficiency of operation for the water treatment plant,” said Town of Port Deposit Mayor Robert Flayhart. “These improvements will ensure a safe and adequate supply to town residents and businesses and are completely supported by Town government.”

The total cost of the project is nearly $331,500. Construction will began in March and the project has an estimated July 2007 completion date.