Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (December 12, 2006)–Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. today announced that more than $185,000 in grants from the Water Supply Financial Assistance Program is awarded to the town of Federalsburg and approved by the Board of Public Works to construct a new 300,000-gallon elevated water storage tank. The project will also upgrade the water main for the tank to provide adequate storage, fire protection and pressure requirements for the town’s water distribution system. Two existing aged water storage tanks will be removed to accommodate the new, state-of-the art equipment.

“We have an obligation to assure Marylanders living in Caroline and other counties a safe and adequate water supply,” said Department of Environment Secretary Kendl Philbrick. “We are proud to assist in these infrastructural improvements to the communities that need them.”

The Water Supply Financial Assistance Program’s purpose is to award financial assistance to Marylanders in small communities who need to overcome water supply difficulties. The program provides adequate financing for water storage and distribution facilities.

This increase will help pay for a $3.36 million drinking water project with a $783 thousand state grant, and $1.9 million state revolving fund loan to serve 2,620 people in the town of Federalsburg.

“The town of Federalsburg and our Mayor and Council wish to express their gratitude for the MDE grants given to our town for us in the Water Towers Replacement Project, said George E. Mayer, Jr., Grants Administrator. “Without this grant help from MDE, it would have been totally impossible for a town of 2,620 persons with a 58.7 percent low-moderate income to borrow all the funds needed to start, construct, and complete a project of this size without this assistance.”