Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 15, 2006) – Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. announced today’s Board of Public Works approval of a $100,000 grant for stream restoration work in the Capital Heights area of Prince George’s County. The Board is comprised of Governor Ehrlich, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp and Comptroller William D. Schaefer.

“This action will prevent further degradation to a highly urbanized stream, improve water quality and aquatic habitat,” said Governor Ehrlich.

The project consists of design and utilization of stream restoration techniques, like rip-rap and bioengineering, for an approximately 1,300-foot stretch of an unnamed tributary to Watts Branch that flows to the Anacostia River. Trees and shrub plantings will be used to stabilize stream banks, shade the stream and provide a source of detritus.

The total cost of the project is $294,000. The state, via the Maryland Department of the Environment’sWater Quality Infrastructure Program, previously approved $47,000 for the project. The county will complete the remainder of the funding.

Work on the stream restoration is expected to begin in July and be complete before year’s end.