Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (September 9, 2005) – The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) announces the launch of Maryland’s Pollution Prevention Week taking place Sept. 19-25.

In conjunction with National Pollution Prevention Week, MDE is offering an opportunity to explore additional actions that reduce waste and conserve energy, water, and natural resources. During Pollution Prevention Week, also known as P2, Maryland companies and organizations will highlight environmental practices within their facilities. Companies have effectively provided environmental outreach activities and information distribution for organizational best management practices, offering facility tours for community groups and hosting employee P2 seminars or training session.

“It is our goal to reduce pollution with the P2 program and other organizational best management practices,” said MDE Secretary Kendl Philbrick. “This important campaign provides us with the opportunity to reach out more to our valued business communities and create enough awareness to affect change.

“Residents can save money and play a big part in pollution prevention by choosing environmentally-safe products, reducing waste and conserving energy and water at home,” Secretary Philbrick added.

MDE offers free Pollution Prevention opportunity workplace assessments – they are onsite, non-regulatory visits that provide a fresh set of eyes to identify cost-saving opportunities at an individual workplace. MDE sponsors a contest asking employees for their input on potential waste reduction practices is another way to promote P2. Business experts are also encouraged to advise other organizations in Maryland through Businesses for the Bay’s Mentor program. Businesses for the Bay mentors are volunteers who assist with pollution prevention methods and serve as a peer-to-peer resource.

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