Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 1, 2005) – Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. announced Board of Public Works approval today of a $2.2 million grant to the town of Brunswick in Frederick County to revamp the town’s wastewater treatment plant and install enhanced nutrient removal (ENR) technology. The Board is comprised of Governor Ehrlich, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp and Comptroller William D. Schaefer.

“The funds approved today are an essential part of Maryland’s effort to achieve a 40 percent reduction in the amount of nutrients discharged to the Chesapeake Bay, while also improving local water quality to the Potomac River,” Governor Ehrlich said.

The project at the Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant will consist of planning, designing and constructing an ENR facility that will reduce the plant’s total nitrogen removal to a yearly average of 3 milligrams per liter and .3 milligrams per liter for phosphorus. Excess nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, lead to degraded water quality, which negatively impact the ecology of the Bay and its tributaries.

Brunswick’s wastewater facility’s capacity will also be expanded to handle 1.4 million gallons per day as part of the upgrade process.
“Brunswick residents appreciate the beauty and benefit of the Potomac as a water supply for many jurisdictions and as a source of numerous recreational activities,” said Brunswick Mayor Carroll A. Jones.

“The Potomac River is a vital part of Brunswick’s heritage and its health is a critical concern to all residents.”

The total cost of the project is more than $9.4 million of which $1.88 million is the local share. Past grants of more than $1 million and future actions will complete the financing.

Construction is expected to get underway in July and the completion date is estimated to be a year later.