Press Release

ANNAPOLIS (April 22, 2005) – Demonstrating his commitment to environmental preservation for future generations, Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. today celebrated the 35th Annual Earth Day along with Environmental Education Month with students from Samuel Ogle Elementary School and St. Mary’s High School at a demonstration event at the Annapolis City Dock.

Governor Ehrlich participated with the students in five hands-on demonstrations including:

  • water quality, where students demonstrated testing for salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity;
  • macroinvertebrates, where educators demonstrated the importance of these water-dwelling animals that feed on algae and bacteria and indicate stream health;
  • urban tree canopy cover, where foresters showed that Annapolis has twice the amount of tree canopy cover of nearby cities;
  • a watershed model, where students demonstrated how each action we take impacts the watershed;
  • grass planting, where agriculture educators demonstrated the value of seeding and turf for erosion control;

Maryland has an internationally known Environmental Education (EE) program. EE has been mandated for grades K-12 since 1990. The overall goal of the demonstrations was to remind the students that everyday actions individuals take can have a big impact on the health of Maryland’s environment.

“The educational activities I participated in today reiterate the fact that environmental protection, restoration and conservation are a complex challenge with many facets,” Governor Ehrlich said. “This administration is committed to finding effective solutions to our state’s environmental problems and making great strides to implement those solutions for the maximum positive results.”

“It takes the best science combined with most practical actions that each Marylander can take at home, at work, on the water, and in the field every day to protect our land and restore the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Teaching our students early about all of these actions will form our next generation of environmental guardians.”

Approximately 35 students from the schools participated in the event, which was held at the Susan Campbell Park next to the Annapolis City Dock. Department of Agriculture Secretary Lewis R. Riley and Natural Resources Secretary C. Ronald Franks, along with Department of the Environment Deputy Secretary Jonas A. Jacobson and State Department of Education Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Colleen P. Seremet also participated.