Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 9, 2004) – Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., today announced Board of Public Works approval of two grants totaling more than $1 million for the Town of Millington’s public water system and flood protection needs at its wastewater treatment plant.

“This funding is critical to ensure safe and adequate drinking water to those who live and work in the area,” said Governor Ehrlich. “These funds will also begin the process of closing contaminated private wells and preventing raw sewage discharges."

The water system grant of $625,000 is for construction of a new distribution system, storage tanks, production wells and treatment facility to serve 425 people.

“We will be able to provide better services to the residents of the town as a result of this,” said Millington Mayor R. Dennis Hager. “The additional funding will supply not only our town, but also the surrounding community with a safe and reliable source of drinking water for generations to come.”

Total cost of the water works, expected to be complete next summer, is nearly $2.3 million.

A $500,000 grant was given to Millington to help protect its wastewater treatment plant from flooding. During Hurricane Floyd the facility was completely underwater and it took five days to bring it back online. Roughly 350,000 gallons of sewage was discharged into the Chester River as a result.

The money will be used to plan, design and construct a new wastewater treatment plant at the same site with a flood-proof Biolac system. As part of the project, the plant’s capacity will be expanded to 100,000 gallons per day and rehabilitation work on the collection system will also take place.

Total cost of the wastewater treatment plant project, expected to be complete this fall, is more than $2.6 million.