Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (April 12, 2002) – Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Secretary Jane Nishida today announced her resignation. Her last day at MDE will be April 26.

Secretary Nishida will become the Senior Policy Advisor to Planning and Development Collaborative International (PADCO) -- an international consulting firm that provides assistance to developing countries, particularly in Asia, on environmental management practices and regulatory reform initiatives.

Secretary Nishida made the following statement:

“This is an opportunity for me to extend my commitment to environmental protection by helping other parts of the world. The decision to leave MDE was a very difficult one for me to make. In the past almost eight years as Secretary of MDE, we have seen extraordinary advancements in protecting Maryland’s environment.

“Under Governor Glendening's leadership, we have aggressively promoted Smart Growth and significantly advanced the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. We have provided critical assistance to local governments to meet their water and sewer needs, and returned abandoned industrial sites into clean and productive use. We have established MDE as a national leader among our state peers by developing innovative and dynamic approaches to environmental problems, such as ozone pollution and stormwater runoff. Together we have made enormous strides in protecting the environment and improving the quality of life for all Marylanders.

“The MDE team represents the very best in public service and environmental professionalism. I have never been more proud and honored than to work besides the many committed employees at MDE and this has been my greatest reward.”