Press Release

ANNAPOLIS (April 27, 2004) - Demonstrating his commitment to the growth, opportunity and prosperity of Maryland's economy, Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., today signed into law 170 pieces of legislation, including the Governor's brownfields and minority business enterprise reform and historic preservation tax credits.

"Today, we take significant steps in the right direction to level the playing field for Maryland businesses and continue to strengthen Maryland's economic future through revitalization of unused facilities and older communities," said Governor Ehrlich. "These bills reinforce the message that under the Ehrlich-Steele Administration, Maryland is open for business."

Additional bills signed into law by Governor Ehrlich include:

SB 903- Office of Minority Affairs - Elevates the head of the Office of Minority Affairs from Director to Special Secretary.

SB 904 - Small Business Procurement Contracts - Establishes a Small Business Reserve Program that requires designated procurement units to make specified contracts with small businesses.

HB 298 - Public Ethics - Provides that an order of the State Ethics Commission is not stayed automatically by the filing of a petition for judicial review but that the Commission or court may stay the order; and providing that the Act applies only prospectively.

SB 141 - Baltimore Zoo - Requires that payments due by the State for the zoo under a lease or sublease agreement be included in the annual budget for the Board of Public Works.

A complete list of bills signed can be found at