Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (January 28, 2004) – Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. announced Board of Public Works approval today of two grants totaling more than $290,000 for Montgomery County to retrofit a stormwater management system and restore a local stream.

“These projects are excellent examples of efficiency in government because they send support directly to local government where it can immediately address local environmental concerns, ultimately providing greater ecological benefit,” Governor Ehrlich said.

The Board approved $170,500 for the design, construction and retrofit of the existing Dumont Oaks Stormwater Management Pond near White Oak. The pond receives stormwater from a 180-acre residential area. The project includes modifications to the pond to increase detention, create a wetland marsh and stabilize an 800-foot section of severely eroded stream channel, all resulting in improved water quality to an unnamed tributary, the Northwest Branch and Anacostia River. Total cost of the project, expected to be complete this spring, is approximately $577,300, of which $ 144,300 is the local share. Previous state contributions to the project total $262,500.

In a separate action, $120,000 was approved for the Sherwood Forest Stream restoration project. The project calls for the restoration of a 6,600–foot section of eroding stream in an unnamed tributary to the Northwest Branch in the Colesville Manor and Sherwood Forest communities. Riprap and bioengineering techniques will be utilized to stabilize the stream and improve habitat. A forest buffer will also be expanded to assist in the stream’s recovery from sediment deposition and nutrient loading.

Total cost of the work will be roughly $590,000, of which $295,00 is the local jurisdiction’s share. Previous state contributions to the project total $175,000.

The state’s portion of the funding for both projects comes from the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Water Quality Infrastructure Program.