Press Release

Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., today submitted the name of Kendl P. Philbrick for appointment as Secretary of the Department of the Environment (MDE). Philbrick has served as Acting Secretary of MDE since May 2003.

"Over the past several months, Ken Philbrick has proven he is a capable leader with a clear commitment to strengthen our environment," said Governor Ehrlich. "I am confident that he will continue to advance my number one environmental priority of restoring the Chesapeake Bay," Ehrlich added.

As Acting Secretary of the State's environmental regulatory agency, Philbrick leads key managerial staff and technical professionals who perform a variety of tasks to protect the environment. Currently, he administers a combined operating and capital budget of $168 million. Prior to his appointment, Philbrick served as the Executive Vice President of LMC Properties, Inc. for Lockheed Martin Corporation. Previous employment includes Director of Corporate Real Estate for Colgate Palmolive Company, and Director of Corporate Real Estate for American Can Company. At a corporate level, Philbrick regularly worked with environmental regulators with regard to brownfields redevelopment and its relation to our economy. This experience, combined with his vision for MDE, led to several key initiatives for the Administration in the current legislative session including a bill that establishes the creation of a restoration fund to upgrade the 66 largest sewage treatment plants.

Philbrick received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Richmond and his MBA from the University of Chicago. Philbrick currently resides in Fallston with his wife, Cynthia.