Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (December 6, 2002) -- The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has instituted a new citizen complaint number for reporting of environmental emergencies and complaints. Citizens can now call 1-866-MDE-GOTO (1-866-633-4686). This number provides citizens a single number to call 24 hours a day to report chemical and oil spills, emergencies or unusual events which have the potential to threaten public health or the environment.

“Having this single MDE number for citizens to call 24 hours a day, to report any potential environmental or public health threat, makes it easier for the public to register concerns and allows MDE and other agencies to respond more quickly,” said MDE Secretary Richard F. Pecora. “Citizens’ reports are often out first contact and help us tremendously to quickly respond and reduce damage from such incidents.”

This new number replaces several different after-hours and complaint numbers that were based on the type of report or emergency. The general daytime information number for MDE will remain 1-800-633-6101.