Press Release

ANNAPOLIS, MD (December 6, 2002) – Governor Parris N. Glendening announced Board of Public Works approval this week of a $100,000 grant for the City of Brunswick (Frederick County) to continue work to upgrade the City’s existing wastewater treatment plant to biological nutrient removal (BNR).

“Nutrient removal at the Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant is not only essential to the more than 2,000 residents serviced by the plant, it is also crucial to the success of Maryland’s effort to achieve critical reductions in the amount of nutrients being discharged into the Chesapeake Bay,” said Governor Glendening. “Improving the quality of service to Marylanders while at the same time protecting and strengthening the State’s natural resources is a top priority.”

The project upgrade to Brunswick’s existing wastewater treatment plant includes the planning, design and construction of facilities to upgrade the existing 700,000-gallons-per-day plant to achieve BNR.

“The City of Brunswick fully supports the efforts of the Maryland Department of the Environment to reduce the amount of nutrients being discharged into the Potomac River and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay,” said City of Brunswick Mayor Carroll A. Jones. “Brunswick residents appreciate the beauty and benefit of the Potomac River as a water supply for major jurisdictions and as a source for numerous recreational activities. The Potomac River is a vital part of Brunswick’s heritage and its health is a critical concern to all residents.”

The total cost of the project is $506,000 of which $126,000 is the local share. MDE previously awarded the city a $50,000 grants for this project. Construction on the upgrade is expected to begin in February 2003 and is slated for completion by February 2004.

This is among the first BNR upgrade projects to be funded following Governor Glendening’s Executive Order issued last month to implement enhanced nutrient removal in major wastewater treatment plants across the state. The policy established by the Executive Order will build upon technologies such as those planned for Brunswick to enhance Maryland’s region-leading nutrient reduction program.